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“Thanks to Double T K9, we have a family dog that I can relax, enjoy when guest come over or my kids run around the house!
I was very late in training my English Labrador, as months and months went on, he kept growing to a point it all was out of control. I messaged Tonya explaining to her everything...I was a bit nervous at first not sure if she would even be able to get him under control. I'm so beyond happy I took the opportunity though! 3 weeks and he came back as a whole new dog! Tonya is honest, fair, and definitely knows what she is doing! She is always a call/message away with any questions you have. Not only did she help with training but she also helped me with his health! Found the right kind of food for him, get some good weight on him, his coat looks beautiful and he is much happier when eating, plus routines!! I am able to walk my dog while my 3 year old walks with us, I push my one yr in the stroller and I'm pregnant. I no longer have to stress when it comes to him!! There is so many great things I can say about Double T K9!! If you need help with your dog, don't be embarrassed! Reach out to her, you won't be disappointed!! And remember, what she teaches your dog, stick to it. It's worth it!!"
-Randi Ann Tomlin and Max

Alexa Young, CA

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