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Ultimate Family Pet

$2450- 24 days

This program is the BEST headstart to the family dog that can be around anyone and go anywhere. It is an advanced dog training program that gives your dog off leash reliability. 

We condition dogs to a high quality e collar where your dog will learn commands and practice with high distractions both on and off leash. Your dog will learn also to be a much calmer house companion. 

This includes 4-5 trips into town to practice in public. 

Owners will recieve a mid training session with the trainer to go over where we are at and practice with their dogs. You will also have an in depth go home session at pickup. 

You will recieve the e collar, leashes, elevated place cot (a $300 value in tools) and lifelong training wtih us! If you sign up for our classes prior to practice your skills we will have a discount for you!

Two week Headstart

$1850 - 14 day program

This program is a great headstart to a perfect family companion!

We work on all basic commands and add the reliablitiy of the e collar communication. 

We do have two public outings in this program.

This is not the program if you want off leash reliability or your dog has fear/anxiety.

This includes the mini educator e collar, elevated bed and leashes ($300 value). If you already have an e collar we will deduct the cost. 

Puppy Preschool Board and Train

$1600 - 12 day program

This short puppy preschool is for puppies under 10 months who have had no formal training before and their owners want to have better control of their dog around the home. It is also great for working on leash skills!

This is a great jumpstart to a wonderful life with your new puppy!

Dogs will come home with slip leash and elevated place cot. Owners will have a hands on go home session with the trainer.

Private Training Session 

Prices vary based on program

Each training session allows for education and practice for you and your dog to work together towards your training goals. We can cater sessions to your dogs needs. Follow up sessions are always reccomended to acheive goals!

Rome wasnt built in one day and we can only cover so much in one hour!

(In home training sessions for behavioral issues TBD)

Group Classes

We are now offering group classes!

Group classes are an amazing way to jumpstart your training journey! We have many classes to offer starting with Puppy 101, basic obedience/manners, all the way to advanced obedience and conditioning. 

Classes are 5 weeks long, one session per week which allows you to practice your new skills at home!

This is great for people who have never owned or trained a dog, people who want to advance their dogs skills in a highly distracting enviornment and for those who just arent sure what they need yet!

Please fill out our contact form to start!

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