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Building your relationship with your dog that will last you a lifetime

Tanya Tarry


Tanya has been enthusiastic about dogs and training them from a very young age. She started her adult career in healthcare and while she had a strong passion for dogs and horses she continued down that path full time for 8 years.  First being a CNA in nursing homes and hospitals while going to college to pursue a degree in Occupational Sciences. She graduated in 2016 with an Associates and quickly after passed her boards to practice as a Respiratory Therapist.

During this time she got her first dog a blue heeler mix. They did everything together and Tanya started training her immediately. She taught Luna tricks and they went to several agility classes. It was alot of fun during a busy time!

In 2019 she quit a full time night shift job and pursued being a stay at home mom with her son. This opened up the time to take others dogs for boarding and basic obedience. In 2019 she also started her own dogs in stock dog training as well and fell in deep love with the sport. Tanya did alot of training with trainers in Colorado and learned so much. She raised several litters of Australian shepherd puppies and focused primarily on breed education and training them.

In 2022 Tanya and her family decided it was time to go back to working dogs! With their own home, property and two kids it was the perfect opportunity to begin training again and drop down the hours in the hospital. Tanya has been pursuing several outlets for continuing her education and knowledge in training. She looks forward to helping the community have good dogs!

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